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    Debi Gutierrez’ hilarious and inspirational presentation, My Life In Laughter - How I’ve Overcome Every Obstacle, motivates viewers to recognize the potential within themselves. This customizable, 60-minute presentation is one part inspiration and one part laughter, full of empowering lessons that are stimulants for growth, change and promoting self examination amongst audience members while they enjoy an event that feels more like an evening at a comedy show, rather than just a keynote. Debi shares examples from her journey from the humble beginnings of a single mother/ teacher through her rise to become an internationally known stand-up comedian & talk show host. She encourages listeners from all walks of life to look beyond their perceived limitations and embrace their own authentic self while offering an encouraged approach for executives and employees to adopt, enabling them to tap into their inner performing self and give them the confidence to creatively improve their work, and quality of life.

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  • You've spent months and months preparing for your company event so you want everything to run smoothly and without a hitch. Hiring the right host for your event is as important as sending out the invitations.

    As the host of your event, Debi's lively personality will keep things light and fun while focusing on your itinerary. Your guests will be awake and alert and ready for your seminar, awards ceremony or speech. With Debi on board, there'll be no dull downtime to bore people or make them want to slip out the back door. Debi will keep them engaged and looking forward to more!

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  • Looking for Something Unique?

    Treat your audience to a night club experience and have Debi perform her Las Vegas act! Its not for the faint of heart! Your guests will enjoy the same act which has made Debi a favorite performer and one of the most requested comedians at the MGM in Las Vegas.