"Mom, I'm transgender" is not a phrase every mother will hear, but Debi did five years ago. It has been quite the journey ever since. When a family member transitions, the whole family transitions as well!

    In this unique and personal keynote, Debi tells about her experience in trying to gain a better understanding of the LBGTQ+ from a parent's perspective. Debi delves into gender and sexuality and supports cognitive development, but at the same time (as a mom wants) you to "Clean Your Room!" Simply, Debi, like most parents, has the same dreams, goals and expectations for all her children; Trans, Pan and Cis!

    As a professional comedian, Debi has always believed "If you can get them to laugh, you can get them to listen. If you can get them to listen, you can get them to learn."

    This inspiring and educational keynote will have you learning and laughing as Debi takes you on a journey with her modern family.

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    As the host of your event, Debi's lively personality will keep things light and fun while focusing on your itinerary. Your guests will be awake and alert and ready for your seminar, awards ceremony or speech. With Debi on board, there'll be no dull downtime to bore people or make them want to slip out the back door. Debi will keep them engaged and looking forward to more!

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    Treat your audience to a night club experience and have Debi perform her Las Vegas act! Its not for the faint of heart! Your guests will enjoy the same act which has made Debi a favorite performer and one of the most requested comedians at the MGM in Las Vegas.