Shame On You Billy Ray!

I was appalled at the latest photo shoot of Miley Cyrus. I will shoot from the hip here. Miley Cyrus was posed topless, covered by a sheet, staring into the camera lens, hair tousled, eye-makeup smeared…she looked like she just had sex. In my opinion, it wasn’t creative or artistic. It was a photo of a young girl posed in a sexy atmosphere in a grown up magazine. Miley Cyrus is not even topical in a magazine like Vogue. She is only 15! Not even old enough to have a driver’s license.

Apparently all this is ok because her parents were there and approved the photos.

My comments are to Billy Ray Cyrus….Why did you approve such a photo? Your daughter looks sultry and sexy. Boys and men, OLD men will look at that photo and let their imaginations run with it! My son, who defends the photo shoot, argued with me, saying guys do that with photos of girls anyway, what’s the big deal? The big deal is the less clothing she has on and the more provocative the pose, the less imagining a guy has to do!!!! Can a father be that dim? What has happened to fathers? Have they lost their moral compasses? Don’t they realize what they are doing to their daughters by either ignoring their sexuality or worse yet, like Billy Ray, encouraging it?!

Fathers should be the ultimate protector of their daughters and the first line of defense against anyone wanting to hurt or humiliate them.

My husband would lay his life down for his daughter and his step daughter. He treats them like young ladies. Young men who dated the older one had to come in , meet him, shake his hand and talk with him. Of course, my daughter was dying! These young guys were often a little scared…but they knew, there was a father to answer to.

Our little one had an incident with a boy making comments about her body parts. My husband let this boy know that if it happened again, he would be talking to his father. The comments stopped.

Back to Billy Ray…I had faith in you. I thought you were our beam of moral light. All these celeb dads letting their daughters run amok or worse yet, like Rev Joe Simpson, pimping his girls for financial gain!

A father’s job is to love, protect and cherish his daughter. I adore Miley Cyrus. My daughter and all of her friends love her too. We don’t want to see her put into a position of compromise. Billy Ray, your job is to love, protect and cherish your daughter. Do your job.